2020 has been an astonishing year from various perspectives, no doubt about it.

The coronavirus pandemic has affected every part of our lives. How we function socially, how we work and how organizations operate everywhere around the world.

Moving to a computerized environment has become the only viable option for some organizations to stay on the guide, and this has made a huge impact on advanced display systems.

Basically the forecast for the main quarter of 2021 is not very unique.

An ever-increasing number of organizations must move to the web and representatives must continue to work remotely. Digital Marketing Trends

This “new niche” gives organizations advanced exposure to the lifeline to stay above water, acquire new customers, keep ups and downs, and keep people flowing and generating income.

Here are the top 9 Digital Marketing Trends for 2021:


1. Allocate some budget for cookieless awareness campaigns to reach new audiences

People all over the world were essentially locked down for a large part of 2020. it means,No going out, no mall, no store: no window shopping of any kind for a long time.

Customers lost the possibility to look around stores and discover products they didn’t even know existed and wanted less.

Digital Marketing Trends 2021

During the lockdown, shoppers probably received tons of retargeting ads showing offers and deals on products they expressed interest in based on their browsing history.

But what about new products? What about specific articles that no longer get a chance to find them? Additionally, what about users who never allow cookies?

Personalized ads use cookies to track user behavior, and based on that, targeting users is possible.

They are great for e-commerce stores that have an existing audience aware of their products.

However, targeted advertising engages buyers in a constant loop of products they already know they like, and have probably already purchased.

With non-personalized ads (NPAs) you have the possibility to create brand awareness among users who do not know your business.

You can reach new audiences by showing customers products they didn’t know about before, but it can still pique their interest, thus increasing your potential customer base.

Additionally you will have the possibility to reach users who block cookies.

Typically, non-personalized ads have a lower conversion rate. But in this era of lockdown when digital ad inventory is bigger than ever, you might want to allocate some budget on them for testing.

It will be more important in 2021 to continue testing and measuring different types of campaigns and channels.

As a digital marketer it is important to keep trying new (and old) options, measure their profitability and find a sweet balance between the two.

2. Coming Back to Social Media Platforms in 2021

It seems like every other minute a new social media platform is born. No one knows what the next big thing will be, and even when we don’t expect it, there is one more channel with millions of users on which brands have to be present.

Designing and creating fresh, valuable content for every social media platform with a constant publication flow can be an uphill and uphill battle for brands, especially the smaller ones.

The digital marketing trend for social channels in 2021 suggests that brands stop trying to maintain a presence across all platforms and focus their efforts in a more sustainable way.

Social media trends 2021

Businesses need a change in mindset and start prioritizing their social media. Dedicating more resources to your strategy doesn’t necessarily mean a hoarding platform.

This means working more efficiently and intelligently on the specific social media channels where their audience is present. It’s better to have a strong presence on 3 or 4 platforms than a weak in all of them.

3. Optimizing Social Media Shopping in 2021

If people in general spend a lot of their days on social media, that time has grown exponentially during 2020. According to Whatgraph:

In 2018, the average time spent on social media by an adult in a day was 142 minutes, which increased to about two and a half hours in 2019, followed by 3 hours in 2020.

It is bound to grow to over 3 billion people. It is expected to reach social media sites by 2021.

This means businesses have more chances to make a sale if their product is available on social media platforms.

That’s where users are at, and shoppable posts make the process that much easier for them. Facilitating discovery, personalization, payment and delivery for users is very important. Brands need their product to be where the users are.

Very recently having a Shopify, Woocommerce or Prestashop online store is not enough.

Digital marketing trends 2021 social media shopping

Social media platforms are helping marketers to make their products more accessible to people.

They include features that make it easier for brands to upload and display their goods, and make it easier for customers to purchase items without even leaving the app.

This is a trend that will continue to grow through 2021 and is a wave that retailers must ride.

Creating a store with social media is free and easy. Brands can choose which products they want to display, personalize their listings with photos, different colors and fonts.

Facebook Shops also includes a catalog feature where you can group products into different categories to make it easier for customers to browse the store.

The new features make it possible for viewers to shop directly on Instagram to showcase products during live streaming, and for businesses to connect to and keep track of their loyalty programs on the app.


4. Interactive Content in 2021

As users spend more time browsing the Internet every day, it is important to provide them with a valuable experience.

You want to connect with customers, and the way to do it is with interactive content. It doesn’t just encourage engagement, it provides entertainment.
Interactive Content Digital Marketing Trends 2021
Content marketing has been a trend in the digital world for some time now. However, Digital Trends is considered a best practice for 2021.

Providing interactive content is a trend that moves with personalization.
Some of the foremost popular interactive content ideas are:
interactive video
calculator widget
One or a combination of these strategies can do wonders for your business.

In addition to enriching users’ experience with your brand, you’ll increase the amount of time they spend on your site interacting with your content.

5. Sharp Local SEO in 2021

Small business owners should know that keeping their digital presence strong on SERP (Search Engine Result Pages) is extremely important.

If you own a store, you probably know that most of your customers are primarily drawn locally. The most important thing you can do is to make sure your store shows up on Google searches for “near me”.

Digital Marketing Trends 2021 Local SEO

Google constantly updates its local SEO algorithms and you should update your local business information as well.

Tools like Google My Business provide extremely valuable information for customers, but it’s up to you as a local business owner to keep it up to date for them.

Claim your business assets and get them verified by Google. You can then provide information about your business such as: opening hours (which are constantly changing due to COVID restrictions), geographic location and services.

6. Voice search boom in 2021

Voice search commands are around since 2011 with the looks of Siri. Lately, with the introduction of devices like Google

Home and Alexa into our living spaces, users are becoming accustomed to requesting information using voice search. According to Google CEO Sundar Pichai, 20 percent of search queries are done by voice.

Voice Serach Digital Marketing Trends 2021
As this trend grows, businesses should begin to consider optimizing their content and incorporating voice search into their digital marketing strategies.

The first step is to create content that adopts a more “conversational” and naturalistic style that matches the way consumers ask questions.

Creating questions in question and having a mobile friendly site is also important
Voice search optimized content gives businesses the opportunity to reach new audiences, given that the results are often different from what users type in a regular text search.

7. Optimizing Digital Marketing with Artificial Intelligence

Digital marketing strategies can be greatly optimized and improved with the right use of Artificial Intelligence.

AI empowers marketers to collect valuable insights on user behavior, campaign performance and analytics that they can use to optimize their digital marketing campaigns and overall communication with customers.

Once all the data is collected by the AI, it can react to it. This makes it possible to provide a better customer experience with personalized content.

E-commerce sites can benefit from artificial intelligence, showing users relevant products for them based on their past behavior, such as searches, purchases, and views.

Digital Web Club, for example, offers automated web push notifications, which is a very interesting and useful form of AI.

By collecting and processing data from the user’s behavior while browsing the site, web push notifications are triggered and delivered with hyper-personalized content based on the user’s actions.

AI Digital Marketing Trends 2021

Once a user accepts to receive them, they will be specially designed for them based on what they do on the site.Messages made will be received.


If they browsed a category, product, or added an article to their shopping cart, they would be given a message with specific information about what they liked.  whenever you want to see how automatic communication works.

Thanks to AI, marketers can make product recommendations to users, hyper-personalize messages, optimize display and search ads, make email marketing and even content marketing work better and what type of content is more effective.

8. Video Marketing and Webinars in 2021

Audio-visual content is a powerful tool that easily captures attention and engages the audience.

It offers the possibility to share a lot of content in a short time using a very dynamic format.

Digital Marketing Trends 2021

These inherent qualities of videos make them all the more relatable. Most of us prefer to watch a short video instead of reading a long article or post.

Social media is a great channel for sharing video content as all platforms include features to create and share short videos like stories and reels.

Instagram reel digital marketing trends 2021

The COVID pandemic has also contributed to the rise of video marketing as a key element on any digital strategy.

For example, webinars have become essential in all industries to replace face-to-face events. Trends for 2021 aim that this will not be a temporary thing and that marketers should regularly incorporate video content into their digital marketing mix.

9. Robotic Smart Bidding Strategies in Google Ads

Automation is the future in many digital marketing strategies. When running a Google Ads campaign, marketers spend a lot of time and resources manually optimizing their keywords and bids.

In addition to taking too long, there can be a lot of speculation that can be detrimental to your campaign.

Automated bidding on Google Ads removes all guesswork and helps businesses achieve their goals more efficiently.

Google takes care of analyzing all the data and adjusts bids accordingly to improve the performance of your campaigns.

Even though automated bidding isn’t exactly new, Google has improved a lot over the past year, making it a must-have for digital marketing strategies in 2021.

Marketers can depend on  assured and dedicate their valuable time on optimizing other aspects of their marketing mix.

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